Bigg Boss 11: Is Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra’s romance – FAKE or REAL?

Bigg Boss 11: Is Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra’s romance – FAKE or REAL?

Every year two people randomly decide to fall in love with each other on Bigg Boss. We won’t say that some of the romances haven’t been genuine, but most of them fizzle right after the show comes to an end. This year, it’s Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma, who have decided to play the love card.

We often find them coochie-cooing when the lights are turned off, or just indulge in endless conversations away from all the contestants. Of course, all of this hasn’t gone down well with Bandgi’s ex-boyfriend, Dennis Nagpal, who broke up with her soon after she started getting all up close and personal with Puneesh.

While they both initially admitted that they are doing this for the cameras, but going by the current turn of events, many think that they might just have genuinely fallen in love with each other. But then there is also a set of people, who think that that this romance is indeed till they are inside the house. This is when we decided to run a poll and ask the viewers to tell us if this love story of Bigg Boss 11 is fake or real.

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You see, even the housemates think that Puneesh is using Bandgi. In fact, Sapna Choudhary quite openly admitted that during one of the weekend episodes with host Salman Khan. Priyank Sharma, who returned to the show few days back was also quite curious to know what’s the deal with them. Obviously, Puneesh and Bandgi both have maintained that it’s for real and will go on even after the show comes to an end. But will it? Tell us what do you think. comment now!

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