Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan warning to Arshi Khan

TV bahu Hina Khan is currently making headlines in the Bigg Boss house all thanks to her fights in the house. After she got into a heated argument with Shilpa Shinde, the actress has now got into an ugly spat with Arshi Khan. Sources inform that it all started after Arshi Khan started using extra milk from the ration alloted for all the housemates.

Bigg Boss 11:  Hina Khan warning to Arshi Khan

Arshi was upset as someone spoiled her tea and then she decides to use two milk packets for just herself. This is when Hina lost her cool and blasted Arshi for using extra milk from the ration which was alloted for all the housemates. Hina along with other housemates lashed out at Arshi for the same. They even took rest of the milk packets and hide it.

Bigg Boss 11:  Hina Khan warning to Arshi Khan1

Their fight continues in the bedroom area where Arshi swears to irritate Hina Khan and pokes her by throwing blankets on the floor. Hina warns her to stay away by saying that if she touches her again, she will not spare her. Their fight reached another level when Hina tells everyone to take it in writing from her that Salman Khan will kick Arshi Khan out of the house just like Priyanka Jagga. Hina also passes comments like I won’t stoop to Arshi’s level.

Later, Hina was heard saying to Vikas and others that she doesn’t need any one for support and she can fight her battles alone. After all the fights, Hina starts complaining about pain in her throat.

Hina, who is known for playing Akshara in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has been very vocal about her thoughts since day one. The actress doesn’t mince with her words and is ready to take on anyone, who is wrong.

While entering Bigg Boss 11 house, the actress had stated that even she is human and can mistakes, “I am not God. I am a human, so even I can make mistakes and get into fights. So, don’t be surprised if you see me shouting. But I will try and sort out things in a most dignified way.”

Hina also said that she had no qualms sharing her things with any of the housemates and is even ready to clean toilet pots. “I am open to sharing everything. During Khatron Ke Khiladi also I was very helpful to everyone. All the contestants used to say that if you need anything be it medicine or any other stuff, you should go to Hina as she would definitely help you.

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The only problem is I am a very hygienic person and I also have OCD problem. So I can’t share stuff which needs hygiene. I would rather give away the entire thing. I am even ready to clean toilet pots, I’ve no qualms.”

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