Bigg Boss 11: From Kalkothri to Akhara, here is everything which is new in Salman Khan’s show

Bigg Boss 11: From Kalkothri to Akhara, here is everything which is new in Salman Khan’s show

Come October and television viewing will get a lot more entertaining with a dozen of people fighting over trivial issues, the budding romance between people from different walks of life, one person talking behind the back of another and a lot of other spice and drama. This is that time of the year when fans of television’s most controversial franchise show Bigg Boss are on the edge of their seats to know everything about the all-new season and have all kinds of assumptions about it.

Bigg Boss 11 will go on air from October 1 at 9 pm and the subsequent episodes will air from Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm on the channel Colors. The weekend episodes with Salman Khan will be aired on Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm. Clearing all your doubts, here is a list of things you will witness in the new season of the show hosted by the superstar of Bollywood, Salman Khan.

Ever since the teasers of Bigg Boss 11 featuring Salman Khan have been released, it has been known that this year the show will be based on the theme of neighbours. The contestants will be divided into two groups, Gharvale and Padosis. The makers have promised that the show will bring out a vivid breed of neighbours including the greedy ones, the nuisance creators, the gossip mongers and sometimes the close confidants.

However, taking into consideration the last season where the commoners and the celebrities switched between Maaliks and Sewaks but soon lived as one with no divisions, this season too, the classification might go away mid-season.

2. Salman Khan as not only host but also the neighbourhood peacemaker
The Dabangg Khan of Bollywood who has been hosting the past seven seasons of the show has a new role to live upto this season. Apart from acquainting the contestants with their wrong doings in the Bigg Boss house, Salman will act as the peacemaker between the ‘gharvale’ and ‘padosis’. Revealing more about the new concept, Manisha Sharma, Programming Head of Colors said, “You will see Salman Khan in a new avatar in terms of a host. For the first time ever, Salman will move around in the Bigg Boss neighbourhood and will be staying alongside the contestants.”

Talking about the show, Salman said, “We all have neighbours of every kind and every hue. Some of us have wonderful memories of them and some of us may have not so good ones. Bigg Boss is one show that the country awaits with bated breath along with my movies; and like every year, I’m thrilled to welcome the new contestants into the Bigg Boss house. The theme of ‘Padosis’ and ‘Gharwale’ is very refreshing and we have a full entertainment package coming up for the viewers.”

3. Gaurav Gera as Pinky Padosan
Actor-comedian Gaurav Gera will don the hat of Pinky Padosan and share inside gossip from the Bigg Boss house. A few days back the makers released a promo starring Gaurav as Pinky Pdosan where she promised to reveal a lot of stuff and warned the men to stay out of her premises. In the video he says, “Sabko rehta hai mera intezaar kyuki Pinky Padosan hai mohalle ki akhbaar (Everyone waits for me as I am the newspaper of my neighbourhood).” Going by what the makers of the show have said, Gaurav will be giving all the dope and stuff that mostly gets edited on a digital platform.

4. Kalkothri
Every nook and corner of the Bigg Boss house has a mystery about it which unfolds only after the show goes on air. While the design of the house this year hasn’t been revealed but we know that there will be a ‘kalkothri’ (jail) inside the house like every year. After watching Swami Om’s love for jail last season and his gimmicks inside it, we wonder what new stories will be written in this ‘kalkothri’ this season.

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5. Akhara
While we are little confused on how this space will be used inside the house, going by the literal meaning of ‘Akhara’ we are inducing that this will be the place where the neighbours and the ‘gharvalas’ will fight out their differences. Talking about the new additions, Manisha Sharma says, “There are quite a few exciting and innovative elements getting added to the house this season, like an ‘aakhara’ and a ‘kalkothri’. Viewers will be thrilled to see the way these spaces are going to be used. “

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