Bigg Boss 11 episode 8 preview: Hina Khan jumps into Shilpa, Vikas’ fight over eggs

Bigg Boss 11 episode 8 preview: Hina Khan jumps into Shilpa, Vikas’ fight over eggs

After an explosive episode where we saw Zubair Khan being hospitalised before being voted out and Priyank Sharma being thrown out of the house for getting violent, Monday’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 offers no less action. While Bigg Boss 11 decides to introduce the ‘padosis’ to the housemates, Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta continue with their fight and Hina Khan gets dragged into their ugly spat.

As Shilpa continues irritating Vikas, he starts getting close to her and Jyoti Kumari has to physically separate them, requesting, “Yaar aise mat karo!” Earlier, Hina Khan jumps into the fight between Shilpa and Vikas. Shilpa is inciting Vikas, singing songs when she says she would throw water at him. Vikas starts throwing eggs on the kitchen shelf which infuriates Hina.

She tells him, “Wo gana ga rahi hai, aap bhi gana gaao, aap aise nahi kar sakte!” Despite Sapna Choudhary and other housemates telling Hina that Shilpa was irritating Vikas, the TV actor refuses to budge and says,” Mera anda kyu waste ho raha hai bhai, dusre ke jhagde mein?”

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Bigg Boss tells the housemates that while the audiences know them, the housemates have only heard the voices of the neighbours. It is time to be introduced to them, the voice adds. Catch all the latest updates from Bigg Boss 11 here.

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