The first week in the most controversial show on television, Bigg Boss 11 has come to a wind up with superstar Salman Khan to appear for his Weekend ka Vaar today. The inaugural week in the Bigg Boss house saw dirty fights between Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta and also among other contestants – Arshi Khan, Hina Khan and Zubair Khan.

While Zubair Khan appeared as one foul mouth vagabond in the house, calling Arshi Khan “2 Rupees people,” Shilpa Shinde also did not leave any stone unturned to pick a scene with Vikas Gupta with whom she shares a history of tiffs. In the last night’s episode Shilpa Shinde who along with Akash and Zubair Khan was seen being prisoned in the Bigg Boss 11 kaal-kothri, escaped the jail in the wee hours of the night and notoriously kept a chappal near Vikas Gupta.

The preview of the show gave insights on today’s Weekend ka Vaar where Salman Khan will be seen giving his piece of mind to contestant Zubair Khan. He was heard saying that he will do something that he has never done before. It is going to be interesting to see what twist Salman Khan brings to the spicy show. Also interesting would be to see who gets the vaar this weekend, ie, who will be evicted from the show in the Weekend ka vaar special episode.

10:19pm: Priyank evicted by Salman Khan
Salman bids adieu till tomorrow night. Tomorrow’s episode will show actual eviction of the one who got evicted on votes.Preview shows Arshi and Sapna in an abusive spat. Arshi and Shilpa singing and dancing. Hina stands for Priyank that if he leaves she would too.

10:16pm: Salman asks Priyank to leave?
Salman asks Priyank to leave on all the getting physical issue. Hina interrupts that even she got thrashed by Arshi. Salman shuts her up saying it’s not always about her. Priyank accepts that he did push in last night’s episode, but asks him to leave.Salman says he was shocked to see.

10:10pm: Is Salman going to evict Priyank?
In the preview it can be seen that Salman Khan asks Priyank to leave on which hina Khan reacts that if Priyank leaves she will leave too and she doesn’t care about Bigg Boss.

10:05pm: Salman Khan slams Vikas and Akash
Salman asks them to reenact the fight with all teh abuses and tells them that that will be shown on TV. Salman reminds the contestants that talking on sexual preference, religion and getting physical is not allowed on Bigg Boss. Salman tells Vikas that there are 150 cameras. He asks him what happened to him? Doesn’t he know the format of the show coming from a TV background? Salman questions Vikas why it was necessary to get physical?

9:51pm: Salman Khan warns not only contestants, but also the channel
Salman Khan warns contestants as well as channel that if such things go on he will leave the show. He shows the clip that provoked him to say so. Vikas and Akash are seen in a spat. They again bring out the gay and bisexual topic and get very abusive to the extent that they get physical. Salman tells audience that when two people fight in the house, others come and add fuel to the matter and he has never heard this sort of ugly language. Salman Khan asks contestants to reenact what happened the previous night when Akash and Vikas fought.

9:50pm: Salman Khan back on thrashing Zubair Khan who tells Salman that eh is having an ache due to all the screaming. Salman slams him again by saying even he is having troule by all this.

9:40pm: Gender-shaming in Bigg Boss 11 house
Salman shows the clips form the week where Arshi, Puneesh and Shilpa were making fun of Vikas being gay, calling him gay. They call him gud and sing ‘gud naal ishq mitha..’ In front of Vikas Arshi asks if they get ‘gud’ in luxury budget, trying to take on Vikas.Salman claps and tells contestants that how amazing they had been. Arshi tells Salman that others initiated. Salman then asks her would you get down to any level? Salman tells them you can’t take onto anybody’s sexual preferences.

Priyank says Arshi had been saying foul things about Priyank and Vikas where Arshi says Priyank and Vikas share a bed. Arshi says she said so in reply to all the dirty things she had been exposed to. Salman Khan also tells Akash if he supports Arshi that he will not tolerate this sort of shit. Vikas also adds that Aksh uses uncouth language on the gay subject of Vikas.Salman tells Aksh that he will kick his ass for this. He asks Akash to apologise to Vikas and never to use such derogetory langaguge.

9:37pm: Arshi tells all that she will tell now, how to do tamasha without giving gali. Hina tells Arshi that she reveievd Zillat ka Laddoo from Salman Khan for abusing girls. Cut to the set. Salman says today he was in good mood hence the house did not face much of his fury.

9:34pm: Contestants tell that they can’t trust what Arshi says as now she is blaming a lot of people for abusing her. Vikas as well as Hina corrected her saying that’s a lie.

9:31pm: Hina’s clarification
Hina clarifies that she had been correcting Zubair who says that he has been like this in front of his mother too, on which Salman slow claps saying this is how Zubair will improve his image for which he has come to the show. Hina cries, says why Salman does not take stand when Arshi spoke foul for Hina?

9:29pm: Salman corrects Arshi Khan on foul language
Arshi tells Salman the house has been abusing her. Salman corrects her that he sees all, no need to over react. He tells her that even she provokes all.

9:27pm: Salman calls Zubair Zuby-Baby
Salman asks Akash to call Zubair Zuby baby and his side of the story. He calls Akash the man of the house.

9:22pm: Salman thrashes Zubair
Salman extremely mad at Zubair Khan as he had been utterly disrespectful towards women on the house. He disrespected Arshi, Bandagi, Sapna. Salman questions Hiten that despite being the most decent guy on the show, why he did not stop Zubair? Salman also questions Hina Khan, why did you not stop Zubair when he was foulmouthing in front of Arshi. Hina says she did ask Zubair not to swear. Salman corrects her saying you have been friends with him and never corrected him. She defended Zubair saying his way of talking is like that.

9:19pm: Salman asks Zubair how he feels about Arshi sitting on bull. Zubair says not good. Salman questions how he thinks he is entitled to call Arshi 2 Rupees people? Salman bares him all by telling all that his claim of being related to Haseena Parkar, sister of Dawood Ibrahim is all false.

9:17pm: Salman Khan asks Arshi to sit on the bull.

9:14pm: Salman gets on to Zubair Khan
Salman is damn angry on Zubair Khan. He calls him nalla don. He asks Zubair to shut up. Salman tells Akash to not feel scared of anyone. Salman asks Hiten to give one name for bull seat. Most contestants took Arshi’s name. Salman Khan seconds Shilpa when she says Hiten is playing smart.

9:10pm: Salman shows the moments from the show where Zubair Khan had been brutally uncouth and foul-mouthed in the last week. He said the weak people had been suppressed. Salman also shows how contestants have been dominating Jyoti, everyone telling her you are young, you need to behave. Also supressing Akash. Salman calls it double standards of the house.

9:07pm: Salman Khan tells audience he will not let them down after all that happened in the house in the first week. Salman enters BIgg Boss house through Me TV. He tells contestants that they are doing well and gaining a lot of fame outside. He tells the contestants that their Bang Bang rap has gained popularity outside. Salman asks Akash, Arshi, Shilpa to re-do their Bang Bang bit. And he tells that he has come here to do the same, Salman Khan asks contestants to analyse their week.

9:05pm: Bigg Boss is showing the main events of the week: Shilpa and Vikas’s fights, Zubair Khan yelling foul with abuses, Arshi and Hina’s fights, Arshi calling Hina patli Dolly Bindra and Zubair ki biwi.

9:00pm: Gharwalas wake up to the retro tunes with Salman Khan sipping a cup of tea in the Bigg Boss house. Contestants are getting ready for the weekend ka vaar.

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8:30pm: Is Salman Khan going to take a strict action on Zubair Khan? Will he face the Weekend ka vaar from Salman? Or is Salman Khan going to do something about the ongoing clashes between Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta or Hina Khan and Arshi Khan? Stay tuned to get all hot updates on the show.

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