Bigg Boss 11: Dennis has decided to end his relationship with Bandagi


Bigg Boss house is always known for innumerable fights and love affairs. The latest couple who is making headlines with their romance inside the house is Bandagi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma. What started as a fake love story is now seems to be turning into a real one as this is affecting Bandagi’s real-life love life. Yes you read it right. We recently informed our readers about Bandagi Kalra’s real-life boyfriend Dennis Nagpal.


We also told you that he is unhappy with Puneesh and Bandagi’s closeness inside the house. Now, we hear that Dennis has decided to end his relationship with Bandagi. In his recent Insta Story, he has clearly mentioned that he has deleted all the pictures with Bandagi. uninitiated, Dennis is a TV producer and director. He is from Delhi and he is also apparently Puneesh’s friend.

Both Bandagi and Puneesh were initially pretending to be in love just to survive in the house. They created this love angle with their introduction itself inside the Bigg Boss 11 house. In a recent episode Puneesh even asked Bandagi to dump her boyfriend and she was scared of the repercussions. Puneesh had also stated that he will stand by her even outside the house and she doesn’t need to bother.

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On the hand Puneesh is already married and separated from his wife. He is currently going through divorce. Dennis in series of tweets had shown his displeasure when Bandagi and Puneesh were seen getting touchy. Well, only time will decide the fate of Puneesh and Bandagi’s love story.

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