Bigg Boss 11: Delhi’s celebrity transgender Riya Khan to appear on Salman Khan’s show

Bigg Boss 11: Delhi's celebrity transgender Riya Khan to appear on Salman Khan's show

Bigg Boss makers also bring in contestants from the LGBT community each time. And this year, Riya Khan could be a part of the house of Boss. According to BiggBossDiary, Riya Khan who is sought after name in Delhi and is known for dancing at capital’s wealthy and elite class’ Diwali parties and various other auspicious occasions has been approached to come on Bigg Boss 11.

She is pretty and considered to be one of the prettiest faces in eunuch community. Riya has her own channel on YouTube and her dances are quite famous.She is a good dancer, outspoken and certainly qualifies as another colourful personality who could create fireworks in Bigg Boss 11 house.

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Remember when Laxmi Narayan Tripathi was also a part of an earlier season of Bigg Boss. We have even seen Bobby Darling as a contestant in the past, not it could be Riya Khan’s turn to become a part of Salman Khan’s show.

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