Bigg Boss 11 Day 9 preview: Vikas Gupta calls Hina Khan two-faced after she supports Shilpa Shinde

Bigg Boss 11 Day 9 preview: Vikas Gupta calls Hina Khan two-faced after she supports Shilpa Shinde

Bigg Boss 11 is proving to be one of the most exciting seasons ever in the history of the show as a lot has already surpassed between the housemates in the first week, and the second week is set to bring a lot of drama and chaos to the table. So get ready for tonight’s episode of BB11.

Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta’s ugly war of words
Things are going to take a drastic turn in the show tonight, as Hina, who had formerly supported Vikas, will be seen giving him a piece of her mind. What is the reason behind the new fight, you ask? We are guessing it has something to do with Shilpa Shinde.

In a clip released by the channel, Hina is seen regretting taking Vikas’ side in the Shilpa-Vikas spat. But what will make her have this change of heart suddenly? Guess we will have to wait for tonight’s episode to find out the answer.

Vikas Gupta’s teary outburst
Upset by the sudden turn of events, Vikas will break down in front of the contestants, and will rush to the washroom to unleash his emotions, but Shilpa will not let him rest in peace there as well, as she will bang the door and announce that Vikas has more miserable moments in store in the house. Vikas will apparently leave the house after everyone turns against him.

Puneesh Sharma and Vikas Gupta lock horns
Looks like tonight’s episode will be an all-about-Vikas special as the contestant will pick up a fight with Puneesh over the former’s treatment of women in the house. The two will get into a physical scuffle, and the housemates will rush in to stop them from hurting each other. Puneesh will even call Vikas ‘casting couch.’

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A new luxury budget task called Raja Rani Ki Kahani will be announced, wherein Hiten will don the crown of a king, while both Arshi and Shilpa will be his queens. In the new task, housemates will be divided into teams of two, red and blue, respectively. They will be required to complete making a brick wall before the other team. So get ready for your daily dose of madness, folks.

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