Bigg Boss 11 Day 20 analysis: Salman Khan praises Hiten and lashes out at Akash; Hina-Arshi’s epic mud fight

Bigg Boss 11 Day 20 analysis: Salman Khan praises Hiten and lashes out at Akash; Hina-Arshi's epic mud fight

Bigg Boss 11’s Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan is always quite exciting. This Saturday was no less. The episode started with Salman packing Diwali gifts for the contestants, he had a pacifier for Akash Dadlani, a megaphone for Hiten Tejwani, a helmet for Vikas Gupta and a hair clip for Arshi Khan. He also said that these inmates reminded him of different festivals, like Shilpa Shinde of Holi Akash of Easter, Arshi of Nag Panchmi and Hina Khan of Dahi Handi.

The contestants were asked to rank themselves according to their popularity outside the house. The inmates kept Vikas Gupta, Jyoti Kumari, Mehjabi and Luv Tyagi out of the line. Shilpa was ranked number 1, Hina was ranked at second position followed by Akash while Hiten was given the tenth rank. Salman was amused to see Sabyasachi Sathpathy at number 4 and Vikas out of the line. He pulled out Sabyasachi and Benafsha Soonawalla and replaced thme with Vikas and Jyoti.

Salman praised Hiten Tejwani for being the only balancing factor in the house. He said that for some he might come across as boring and for some sensible but the good thing is that end of everyhting, the housemates listen to him. When Salman asked everyone to name one contestants who should be out of the house, except for Arshi everyone voted for Luv, who was then asked to sit on the bull.

Akash, who was seen picking fights with fellow inmates was reprimanded by Salman for wasting food and for making false claims of connections with Vishal Dadlani. During the entire episode, he addressed Akash as Dadlani khandaan ke chirag. Salman also asked them not to use words like ‘nalla’ and ‘kutta’. He said that he had once used these words in a different context and when the housemates used it against each other, it made him feel guilty.

Salman asked Hina if Vikas, who had threatened to nominate the contestants if they didn’t perform their duties was right in his approach. Hina said that she wasn’t aware of it but if it happened then it was not right. While speaking about this, her focus of conversation suddenly shifted to Arshi, which lead into another heated conversation between the two actresses in front of Salman.

This week Hina and Arshi were pitted against each other in the Sultani Akhada, Salman asked Hina and Arshi, to vent out their frustration in Sultani Akhada. Arshi, who had to stop Hina from taking her flags, became quite aggressive with her during the task. Hina still managed to pull out the flags but got nabbed by Arshi. Hina while trying to get free from Arshi’s tight hold, hit her with the flags and lashed out at her.

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Seeing the two get violent, Salman cancelled the task. Arshi didn’t stop there, she continued the fight inside the house and bad-mouthed Hina. Benafsha, who had a fight with Hina after the ranking task, comes to apologise to Hina, while she is doing her hair but gets snubbed by the actress, who asks her to leave, as she supported Arshi over her in Sulatani Akhada task.

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