Bigg Boss 11 Day 2 analysis: Arshi Khan flirts with Luv Tyagi; Shivani Durgah reveals her true colours

Since she entered the Bigg Boss 11 house, self-proclaimed godwoman Shivani Durgah has maintained that she wants to dispel the myths about babas and tantriks. She criticised Om baba’s conduct on the show’s last season, and said that she aimed to improve the image of godmen on the show.

But it looks like Shivani has changed her strategy. On Day 2 of Bigg Boss 11, the female baba was seen talking to singer Sapna Chaudhary that they must adopt the policy of divide and rule if they want to survive on the show. She also added that if two people are bonding well, we must separate them in order to win the game. Also the enemy’s enemy is our friend, she was seen telling Sapna. “Humein aage nikalna hai to do logon mein foot daalna zaroori hai,” she said.

By now Shivani must have realised that her being quiet in the show is not working for her. And that must be the reason she’s trying this strategy. We hope she doesn’t become another Om Swami.

Arshi Khan was on breakfast duty on Day 2, and she picked up the phone when padosi Luv called. The model took this opportunity to flirt with him and asked what he wanted to eat. Little did she know that doing so will result in her nomination later.
While Arshi is cool and confident on the show, she needs to calm down a little with regards to her flirting with the contestants and constantly talking about her hot videos. She has to be extra careful now that she is among the nominated contestants for the week.

Finally Priyank got some screen time last night. The MTV Splitsvilla winner was seen advising Akash Dadlani.

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While Vikas Gupta asked Akash to mend his ways at the dinner table, Priyank later advised the commoner to stay away from the influential TV producer. “Tumhare aur mere jaise bahot log aaye aur gaye hai,” he said. Later, Akash was seen talking to Vikas Gupta. He shocked Vikas by asking him if he was a gay.

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