Bigg Boss 11 Day 18 analysis: Vikas talks about his ex-boyfriend

Bigg Boss 11 Day 18 analysis: Vikas talks about his ex-boyfriend

While being in the jail, Vikas and Arshi spent time together talking about the former’s boyfriend who was so devoted to him that he used to give him time and attention even after his 12 hour shift. Arshi also happened to know the person he was talking about. “Gifts wo laata tha, love letters wo likhta tha. Par wo pyaar zaroorat par based tha.

Breakup hone par react maine bahot kharaab kiya (he used to bring me gifts, write letters to me. But this relationship was need-based. But I must admit, I reacted very badly after breakup),” Vikas told Arshi.Vikas then told Arshi to get out of the jail, wish everyone Diwali, and then come back. While Vikas was left alone in the jail, Bigg Boss directed him to come out of the jail, as per the rules of the show.

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Bigg Boss asked captain Puneesh to get Vikas, Arshi and Jyoti out of the jail since it was Diwali. Surprisingly, Vikas refused to come out as he did not want to face the housemates. “Aise logon ke saath nahi manani Diwali,” remarked Vikas. Jyoti did not agree with Vikas and said that it was their mistake and there was no point in throwing tantrums. She left the jail, leaving Vikas and Arshi alone.

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