Bigg Boss 11 contestant Priyank Sharma on dating Vikas Gupta: It’s completely rubbish

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Priyank Sharma on dating Vikas Gupta: It’s completely rubbish

Just a week into Bigg Boss 11 and the show saw one of the most shocking evictions. Roadies Rising and Splitsvilla X contestant Priyank Sharma, who entered the show with utmost confidence, was shown the door after he pushed fellow contestant Akash Dadlani during a fight. With physical violence being prohibited in the house, Priyank was immediately ousted from the show. Talking about his sudden eviction, Priyank, in an exclusive conversation shared, “It’s definitely an incomplete feeling. Yes, I am sad that I am out of the house but I am also happy to receive so much of love from so many people. The way they have supported me is surreal. I just feel too lucky at the moment.”

Priyank got involved in a fight between Akash and Vikas, where the former was making fun of Vikas’ effeminate behavior. Akash was also abusing Vikas, when in order to support his friend, Priyank rushed towards Akash, pushing him away with a strong impact. Though the young actor confessed that he doesn’t want to support physical violence, he doesn’t regret his actions.

“I know the way I dealt with it wasn’t the best one but my moral values were right. People have been abusing each other in the dirtiest of expletives, making fun of someone’s sexual orientation. And then there are people like Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde, who pushed and provoked housemates, in the worst possible way. There were days when we couldn’t sleep because of their psychotic behaviors. Thus, I am not apologetic about standing up against that. Someone had to take a stand,” averred the 25-year-old Delhi lad.

In the previous season, Kushal Tandon, who faced a similar situation was brought back in the house after a couple of days, while Priyank has had no such luck. Smiling at the observation, Priyank said, “I wouldn’t call it unfair for there must have been some reason behind it. Insha Allah, if God wants, I will be in the house soon.”
When asked if he would have reacted the same way if it wasn’t his friend Vikas, the choreographer-turned-actor stated, “Vikas and Benafsha are my friends, I have worked with them so yes, for both of them I would have done the same. I love them too much. As for others, maybe not with the same intensity but I would have taken the same stand.”

Quiz him on the buzz that he and Vikas are dating, and Priyank laughed out to say, “As per the grapevines, apart from Vikas I am also dating Hina and Benafsha. I am in too much demand it seems. But on a serious note, it’s all nonsense and complete rubbish. Please don’t pay heed to these rumours.”

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The reality show star further quipped on who he will support in the season, “Apart from four people namely, Shilpa, Arshi, Akash (Dadlani) and Puneesh (Sharma), I am supporting everyone. They are all nice people but these four are the worst kinds that I have ever come across. They have double standards and are just plain bad at heart.”
Lastly, thanking his fans, Priyank said, “They have been going crazy and I just don’t know how to react to their love. I feel I am the luckiest man in the world to receive so much of love. It’s completely God gifted and my parents’ blessings that at such a young age, I have been showered with so much of love.”

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