Bigg Boss 11 behind-the-scenes: Dhinchak Pooja assures Selfie Lelia is a totally original song

On Friday’s episode of Bigg Boss 11, you might miss out on some really funny moments that didn’t make it on air. However, we have some scoop on one that is too funny to not share. In a special clip, Dhinchak Pooja, the show’s wild card entry, is seen giving Benafsha Soonawala a head massage while Luv Sharma and Mehjabhi talk to them.

Luv asks Dhinchak about her songs, who says that she has never copied anyone’s work. “You don’t copy anything? Nothing from anywhere? No inspiration?,” he asks her. “I mean I don’t take anyone’s tune and make a song on it,” she explains.

Luv doesn’t stop with the questions and asks her about her favourite musician. She names Kailash Kher but Luv tells her that he has seen an interview of her in which she said Michael Jackson was her favourite. She changes her reply and says both Kailash and Michael were her favourites.

He then quizzes her about Michael, asking her to name a few of his songs and his birthday. She counts Billy Jean, Dangerous and Smooth Criminal and even gives the right answer for his birthday. Luv lets everyone know how she could not answer the question in the interview he had seen.

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Ben tells Dhinchak to notice how many interviews he has seen of her.“He’s the captain of the house but doesn’t want to leave Pooja’s hand,” she says. But Dhinchak assures her he doesn’t like her and to stop mentioning it, perhaps scared of her dad once again. Dhinchak then changes the topic and asks Luv if he likes Arshi and he refutes the claims entirely. Catch all Bigg Boss 11 updates here.

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