Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan tries to get into Akash Dadlani’s pants

Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan tries to get into Akash Dadlani’s pants

With Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani inside the Bigg Boss 11 house, be sure you’d get enough funny moments. And with their forced combined it is going top be epic. Arshi, for a brief moment, moved on from her inclination towards Hiten Tejwani, and laid her attention on fellow contestant rapper Akash Dadlani.

While other contestants are busy talking to each other, Arshi, for some weird reason decides to play with Akash’s shorts. It is hard to understand whether she was trying to pull it or what…but the sight is absolutely funny. You can see the rapper squirm and ask Arshi to not do it, but it falls on deaf ears. We are sure Arshi was only trying to irritate Akash.

Though Arshi’s plans fail soon enough, as Bigg Boss makes an announcement calling Hina Khan to the confession room. Everyone figures that this must be regarding a new task and they all, including Arshi rush to the seating area, in process saving Akash. The video is available on Voot’s unseen footage section, and we can only assume why it was edited from the episode.

Akash and Arshi are gelling up well inside the Bigg Boss 11 house. Maybe they might just become the first set of best friends on this season. So far, no concrete friendship has emerged on the show, other than the people who were already friends from the outside the world. Well, we do like the idea of Arshi and Akash joining forces. And totally hope to see more of these funny moments on the screen.

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