Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan to spit on Hina Khan during a fight

This Diwali, people might be promoting no crackers but the house of Bigg Boss 11 will see a lot of fireworks. Television’s favourite bahu Hina Khan was seen getting into a verbal spat with bold beauty Arshi Khan in last night’s episode. And now, taking it ahead the two will be seen locking horns again, which would turn really dirty.

As readers would know, Arshi, Vikas Gupta and Jyoti Kumari, who are jailed had broken out to steal some Diwali sweets. Hina did not approve of their act and had tried to make the trio realise their folly. Arshi, in her usual self, was not ready to accept her fault and started abusing Hina. Though Vikas had managed to sort the matter by apologising, things will take a different turn in tonight’s episode.

Shared a source, “Hina not able to take Arshi’s abuse will be seen indirectly taunting Arshi on how her words prove her thought process. She will also be infuriated on Arshi’s expletives on her mother.”

Arshi on her part will once again start her banter and tell Hina that she will throw her shoes on her if she continued to speak to her. Hina will then challenge her to do so. While the two will get into a heated argument, Arshi will spit on Hina, leaving the latter shocked.

“Though Hina will be shaken with Arshi’s disgusting act, the housemates will try to calm her down. Infuriated she would on her part pledge to avenge the insult and will also tell Arshi that she is nothing in front of her and she will soon prove Arshi’s worth to all,” the source further added.

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Apart from the fights, the housemates will be surprised to get gifts and messages from their families for Diwali. While some will be left teary eyed others will be dancing with joy.

Author: Bigg Boss

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