Bigg Boss 11: Akash Dadlani gets into a fight with all the housemates

Bigg Boss 11: Akash Dadlani gets into a fight with all the housemates

With everyday chores being handled by gharwalas, the padosis are given their first task. Bigg Boss asks them to come together as a family and work on a backstory that binds them all together. All contestants are in for a huge shock as Bigg Boss announces the first nomination of the season. Adding to the winding roads of twists, it is announced that the housemates have to make their nominations in public with a valid reason supporting their decision.

Priyank nominates Shilpa citing that she is initiating fights with Vikas. His second name is Zubair because of his fight with Sapna Choudhary. Sshivani Durga too nominates Shilpa for the same reason. Her second name is Akash because she thinks he gets too loud. Hiten nominates Zubair for the adult joke he cracked yesterday, and Puneesh for not doing much in the house. Hina Khan also picked Zubair.

Her second name is Vikas, because of his “tu-tadak”. However, she later realises that she wanted to nominated Shilpa, but of course, she is not allowed to change her decision. Vikas of course nominates Shilpa, and Arshi because of her loud behaviour. Arshi nominates Hina and Shilpa because she feels they are strong contenders. Shilpa too feels that Hina is a strong contender and nominates her.

Her second nomination comes as a surprise as it is not Vikas, but Sapna because Shilpa feels she is too quiet. Puneesh nominates Benafsha because of no interaction with her, and Vikas for maligning Shilpa’s image. Jyoti gets quite aggressive while nominating and picks Benafsha and Hina. Akash nominates Shivani and Priyank because he thinks he is a tough competitor. Sapna nominates Shilpa. Her second name is Jyoti, because she feels that she doesn’t know how to talk to people. Zubair too nominates Jyoti for the same reason. His second name is Priyank as he feels that he is not too involved in the cleaning tasks.

Bigg Boss introduces a twist as it’s time for the padosis – Mehjabi Siddiqui, Sabyasachi Satapathy, Luv Tyagi and Lucinda have an advantage in the nominations.

Everyone has gathered around the dinner table where Akash starts telling one positive and one negative point about his co-contestants. During this session, he calls Benafsha fake, which doesn’t go down well with her. Priyank decided to walk out of this conversation after Akash says some things about him too.

Meanwhile, the padosis are given a special power to turn things around. They have the authority to save one person from nomination and add two people to the nomination roster. Padosis save Hina and nominate Arshi and Bandgi Kalra. The five contestants that are nominated this week include Shilpa, Jyoti, Bandgi, Arshi and Zubair.

Padosis were given a task yesterday to introduce themselves to the other housemates as a family. So Bigg Boss decided to take a test if they are ready with a story, but they were not. Soon they started re-working on their story.

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Again everyone is at the dining table, where a conversation between the contestants leads to Vikas losing his temper against Akash. Things get ugly as Vikas tells Akash that he is not fit to be on the show and is commenting on everyone’s personal life for attention. Akash is also told that he needs to change his behavior. Soon, all contestants, barring Shilpa are against him.

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