Bigg Boss 11: After Sshivani Durgah, Lucinda Nicholas gets eliminated

In Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss 11, host Salman Khan had reprimanded the padosis for failing to keep their secret from the housemates. He had also mentioned that they have lost a golden chance to be immune from nominations, as they failed in their task. Vikas Gupta was the first housemate to know their truth.

In yesterday’s episode, the contestants were in for a shock due to the surprise eviction. Bigg Boss asked the contestants to vote out one of the padosi contestants – Mehjabi Siddiqui, Sabyasachi Sathpathy, Lucinda Nicholas and Luv Tyagi. Flasks with liquid of different colors were assigned to each padosi.

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The contestants were asked to break the flask assigned to the padosi they wish to be evicted from the house. Lucinda Nicholas seemed to be the least favourite among the four, as most of the contestants voted for her and got her evicted from the house.

Lucinda is an Australian model, actress, writer and also a qualified yoga instructor. She was crowned Miss World South Australia in 2010. She is not new to entertainment business and has starred in popular music videos and done an Australian film called The Tail Job. Catch all the latest updates on Bigg Boss 11 here.

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