Bigg Boss 11: 5 times Salman Khan lost his cool on Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 11: 5 times Salman Khan lost his cool on Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss has been one of the most controversial and yet most-watched reality shows on Indian television, with the highest TRP ratings. Bigg Boss is full of controversial contestants and every year for three to five months straight viewers are entertained by their drama and fights. Bigg Boss 11 will begin on October 1, 2017, and we can’t believe that the show is already 10 seasons old! But it’s only because of the audience that these baseless and vague shows get so much importance.

Bigg Boss’ game plan has been extremely strong and the show has always managed to gather everybody’s attention, as the season proceeds. Salman Khan will be seen hosting Bigg Boss 11 after being a host for most of the previous seasons as well. There were times when we saw the Bollywood actor losing his cool on the contestants on Bigg Boss for their antics or bad behaviour. A few contestants even dared to pick a fight with Bhai!

Here are five contestants of Bigg Boss who have been shouted at by Salman Khan on national television:

1. Sapna Bhavnani (Bigg Boss 6)

Fashion designer and celebrity hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani was one of the contestants who had a huge fight with Salman Khan during Bigg Boss. She had verbal fights with the superstar on several occasions and accused him of misusing people. She called him a monkey and a “serial woman beater”, taking a dig at his chauvinistic ways. The two don’t see eye-to-eye.

2. Swami Om (Bigg Boss 10)

The self-proclaimed godman Swami Om crossed every line when he threw his pee on fellow contestants Bani J and Rohan Mehra in the Bigg Boss 10 house! Salman Khan could not tolerate this disgusting act and roasted and insulted Swami Om for doing the same. He was eventually thrown out of the Bigg Boss 10 house after this offensive act.

3. Imam Siddique (Bigg Boss 6)

Imam Siddique managed to annoy host Salman Khan at several occasions. The one incident that caught our eye was when he said ‘Time out’ to Salman while he was talking! Salman was extremely angry at Imam and told him to shut-up. Another occasion when Salman gave it back to Imam was when the former VJ claimed to be the reason behind Shah Rukh Khan’s success in Bollywood. Salman spoke in support of his friend SRK and shut Imam up.

4. Karishma Tanna (Bigg Boss 8)

Karishma Tanna was one woman with a bag full of tantrums that she would throw at anyone and everyone. She had a fight with Gautam Gulati once during a task and he apologized to her several times, but to no avail. Karishma’s stubborn attitude to hold a grudge irked Salman and he shouted at her for that.

5. Kushal Tandon and Gauahar Khan (Bigg Boss 7)

How can we forget this epic fight between Kushal Tandon and Salman Khan? Kushal Tandon, once in a fight with fellow contestant Tanishaa Mukerji had gone all out and said some terribly mean things to her, which made Salman Khan extremely furious. Salman confronted Kushal and asked him to apologize to Tanishaa, after which Kushal suddenly exited the show and told everybody outside the Bigg Boss 7 house that Salman apologized to him. On hearing this, Salman called Kushal back on the show and exposed him and shouted at him loudly.

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Well, these contestants have added all the masala to Bigg Boss throughout all its seasons and had the guts to challenge the Bollywood superstar. Are you guys looking forward to seeing which contestants in Bigg Boss 11 will manage to test Salman Khan’s patience?

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