Bigg Boss 11, 4th October 2017, Episode 3: Vikas Gupta confronts Shilpa Shinde for the lies she spread about him

Bigg Boss 11, 4th October 2017, Episode 3: Vikas Gupta confronts Shilpa Shinde for the lies she spread about him

In This Episode of Bigg Boss 11, the contestants wake up all jolly and good and gather in the lawn area. Bigg Boss announces the first luxury task that is BB farm.
Zubair makes a general statement and then Bandagi gets offended and they end up fighting. They start making allegations at each other and Arshi interferes and makes Remarks on Zubair. Zubair fights with her and then Akash helps Zubair make up with Bandagi.

Bigg Boss talks to the Padosis about the first task and the allott 4 minutes and 30 seconds to the first task. Shivani Durgah and Zubair are called in the activity area for the first task. They have to transfer a few Catfish to another tank and after struggling for a while, Zubair succeeds in transferring the fish really fast.
They come out and announce their victory. Zubair is in the washroom when Arshi comes and teases him even more. Akash and Hiten join them and they all walk out. They quarrel about it for a while and Zubair acts like Arshi.

Hina reads out the second task and falls on the ground laughing while talking about the task. The padosis discuss and give them a little less of 5 minutes to complete the task. Akash, Benafsha and Bandagi go in the room to find a donkey that they have to bathe and feed in the allotted time. They manage to bathe the donkey but fail to feed it all the carrots.

At night, Sapna and Arshi walk in the lawn when Jyoti comes and irks them for no reason. Sapna ends up fighting with Jyoti and then she goes inside. Shilpa scolds and talks sense into Jyoti while Sapna tells the housemates that if Jyoti raises her finger again, she will break it. Arshi then goes and talks to Zubair and Vikas.

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Arshi tells Vikas what Shilpa told her about him and Vikas confronts Shilpa. He asks Shilpa to sing now and she leaves the spot while Zubair sings and dances. Vikas also mentions that he wants to make amends with her but she doesn’t want to talk straight to him.

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