Bigg Boss 11, 2nd November 2017 written update: Vikas and Shilpa are at loggerheads again

Bigg Boss 11, 2nd November 2017 written update: Vikas and Shilpa are at loggerheads again

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 11, Vikas discusses the ‘pillow task’ with Hiten. The contestants talk against Vikas including Priyank. Arshi is given the task of brooming the floor and she does it in a sensual way.

Bigg Boss asks the contestants to decide two candidates to be sent to jail. Bigg Boss also warns them that jail will now be a trouble for the contestants as they would get food only twice in a day. Hina and the rest of the housemates want Arshi to go to the jail but she gets angry about it.

The housemates then have a discussion about how Vikas and Shilpa also failed to do the task and should go to the jail. Things heat up as both parties don’t agree. They all gang up against Arshi this time.

Hina says that Vikas may have won the task but he deserves to go to the jail as he took money from others. Shilpa tells Vikas that he dare touch her again.
Arshi gets angry as Hina takes her name for voting. Most of the housemates decide to send Mehjabee and Vikas in the jail. Luv then uses his special captain powers to send Arshi in the jail.

Shilpa taunts and teases Vikas about going to the jail. Shilpa and Akash sit outside the jail and taunt Vikas and rap a song on him. When the blinders are down, Vikas tries to escape from the jail. Big Boss calls him to the confession room.

Bigg Boss consoles him and makes him understand how he is not wrong. Bigg Boss then calls Shilpa to the confession room and asks her not to make personal remarks on Vikas’s past. Shilpa then apologizes to Vikas but keeps teasing him.

Vikas asks her for a clarification about the ‘Bhabhiji’ controversy. Vikas tells everyone his story and Akash makes fun of him. Priyank gets angry at him and charges towards him. Hiten and Luv hold Priyank back. Akash continues to tease him.

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Hina and Priyank think how they are being pulled into this fight. Akash keeps teasing them. In the preview, it is shown that Vikas gets irritated by Shilpa and builds a ladder out of furniture. He manages to get on the roof of the house.

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