An intense verbal spat between Upen Patel and Gautam Gulati!

An intense verbal spat between Upen Patel and Gautam Gulati!

Colors’ reality show Bigg Boss 8 has been doing the rounds not only for the tiffs and conflicts but also the reaction of these contestants have to give for every minute things. Well TellyBuzz is yet again back with another Bigg Boss 8 story. We have seen that over the period of time, given tasks by Bigg Boss have been one of the major reasons behind fights between co-contestants.

After Karishma Tanna and Puneet Issar, it was Sushant Divgikar who took the call by Mr. X. Sushant was asked to name one male friend in the house whom he is too close to and for the same he named Upen Patel. Mr. X later gave him a task that he has to convince Upen to shave his head off. Sushant tried hard to convince Upen but all his efforts went in vain and he out rightly refused to shave off his head. Since Upen refused to do the task, Sushant asked other contestants to help him convince Upen but apparently, everyone bluntly said no to help Sushant.

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Next what happens is Gautam passes a comment that Sushant should convince his dear friend Upen and others should not get involved in the entire scene. This comment got Upen extremely furious and the two had a heated argument. Gautam told Upen that ‘Ghar ke bahar jaaoge toh you will slap yourself seeing the videos which will clearly proove I loved you so much!’ Gautam also went on to say that Upen always leaves his friends when it comes to girls. On this, Upen reverted that that Gautam does all this only for camera and nothing else. In this whole heated argument, Arya Babbar jumped in and decided to take a stand for Upen.

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