All that happened at Salman Khan’s ‘Bigg Boss 9’ launch

Salman Khan’s association with Colors and Bigg Boss goes a long way. As long as six years. Yes, despite announcing last year that he will never host the show anymore, the actor is finally back at what he does best- hosting the show’s ninth season. And this time, as he says it, Bigg Boss 9 is his. BB is back with another quirky theme this time round- Double Trouble.

Salman along with Raj Nayak from Colors launched the show amidst much fanfare like every year and here’s all that happened at the grand unveiling.

Low TRPs? Blame me!

Salman who’s known to be unabashedly honest didn’t mince words and took the entire blame on himself when talks about TRPs cropped up. “I am the reason for the show’s low TRPs. I always keep telling these people ki drama kam karao and yeh badhate hai. So if theres one reason for low ratings, it’s me. Even Farah gave marginally better TRPs than I did on the show last year,” he laughs. “But still Raj chooses me to be the host again so bohut himmat hai inme,” Salman jokes.

Double salary?

While there have been floating rumours that the channel paid almost double his usual remuneration to get Salman on board, at the launch, both Raj and Salman accepted it. “If his salary is doubled, then Endemol’s profit is also doubled,” exclaimed Raj Nayak. Salman took the bait and continued joking, “First thing is the salary which they have doubled without me even giving them high TRPs.”

BB- the window!

Talking about the show’s growth over the years and its tremendous audience connect, Sallu explains, “Everyone enjoys it. Everyone who’s been in Bigg Boss has got a lot of work. Most of them have been working everyday now. Sometimes people go overboard but it’s always nice to guide them.” But Salmans wants to ‘do something else with these people’.

Although in the event, he didn’t talk about it, in the group interaction, Salman revealed to us, “I am planning a show called The Farm. This will be based on the same lines as Bigg Boss. We will get celebrities to come on board in an actual village setting. The entire show will be set inside a farm where the contestants will be seen farming, harvesting and even milking their own cows. We have already discussed the same idea and we both are collaborating on it soon.”

Keep coming back

He said he won’t continue on the show but here he is- back with Da-bangg debonair attitude. “After three months, you are exhausted. You feel tired of doing the same things. But there’s a long association, plus a huge connect with the audience.” Salman also adds, “After a point, I start missing the team and the people. I get emotionally attached to the people on the show.

So each year, I feel let’s not do it anymore because again there will be 13 more people who I will start caring for. Big B never reacted to what happened inside the house. The only reason I say I won’t do the show is because it starts affecting me. I get very involved with the contestants and most of them are in touch with me even after show is over.”

Criticisms galore

While Salman says that the actor gets involved personally with the people on the show and hence has those regular outbursts, he doesn’t mind it anymore. “I am criticised a lot for being out of my space most times. I tell them when they are wrong and guide them. Sometimes people think I’m interfering too much and they criticise me. But I’m used to it now. I feel that helps me connect with the masses more.”

Double Trouble? Not my choice!

Although the theme of this season is Double Trouble, it initially didn’t meet with Salman’s approval. ” I didn’t agree with the name at all. I said kuchh aur rakh do naam. Yeh kya naam hua? Double Trouble!” What changed his mind? “I heard the concept and I found it funny. There will be some really atrangi characters inside the house this time,” he laughs off.

Act nahi karta!

A lot has been said about the show and there have always been speculations that the show is scripted. But Salman quashes all such rumours. He also adds that BB showcases Salman- the person, not Salman-the actor. “I don’t act in Bigg Boss. They cut off stuff that I say many times. I share a lot which is not shown. I know their situation which reminds me of my own situations or my friends’ situation so I given them advice and try to guide them through. I share a lot of my own personal experiences with them which is mostly edited out. It’s never Salman the actor but always Salman the person. What i am in my living room is how i am on the show. My bedroom is my bedroom but my living room is my country,” he said.

SRK’s Dilwale on BB9?

Like each year, Shah Rukh Khan will have a release during Bigg Boss’ schedule and like always, when quizzed about whether SRK will be promoting his film on Bigg Boss, Salman maintained a very neutral stand. “I won’t say anything because it will add pressure. But I feel SRK will be too busy to go inside the house,” he jokes. But he soon adds, “Oh so want to see him promoting his film on the show? He’s definitely welcome whenever he wants to come. He can come if he wants to share his life’s experiences with the contestants, can have fun and promote his film too. But it’s not about me wanting him to. If he has time and wants to do it, he is always welcome.”

A Jazbaa-ti sawaal?

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As soon as the emcee announced that they would take one last question, someone popped the unexpected one. Is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan promoting Jazbaa on BB? Much to our surprise, Salman didn’t take offence but immediately replied with a chuckle, “Yeh toh bada jazbaati sa sawaal pooch liya apne,” and signed off, only to start humming lines of his much famous ‘Kahin Pyar Na Ho Jaaye’ number.

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