Ali regains his captaincy: Recap, Day 33

Right in the beginning of the day, Ali was seen convincing Sonali to clean the house and do her duties. Later he was seen cribbing to Diandra about Sonali’s laziness towards work.

Bigg Boss asked Diandra to discuss with rest of the housemates, excluding Ali and Puneet, and choose two names for captaincy. This made Diandra think that she has a shot at being a captain but sadly she was proven wrong.

Diandra felt bad that her close friend Karishma didnt want to nominate her for captaincy and rather decided to go with the majority votes. Karishma on her behalf tried to explain that she doesn’t think Diandra is currently a balanced person to take charge of the house.

Even Upen clarified that he thinks Diandra gets too personal at times which isn’t a good leadership quality according to him. And in return Diandra was seen telling Upen on his face that whenever somebody tries to talk to him, his sister Soni seems to have a problem and that she finds very weird.

Upen and Sushant were the two names decided by the housemates for captaincy but Bigg Boss asked Ali to choose one of them to be his contender in the captaincy task. Everyone was shocked to hear the announcement and Ali chose Sushant!

Both Sushant and Ali were to walk on a thin rope tied up with harness and under heavy pressure of water and whoever collects the 5 flags the fastest wins. Ali defeated Sushant in this task and once again became captain of the house!

Ali was spotted giving some gyaan to Sonali on how her parents might be watching her getting friendly with Gautam. And the fact that they are sleeping in the same bed must be adding to their woes. Poor Sonali, looked worried post her chat with Ali.

It was once again Judgement day in the house and post regaining his captaincy Ali was asked to choose 7 housemates whom he would like to nominate for a prize and 1 housemate to receive a punishment. Karishma, Diandra, Pritam, Puneet, Gautam, Upen and Aarya were chosen for the former and Praneet was chosen for the punishment

As punishment, Bigg Boss gave Praneet the task to wash some 300-odd dishes. Ali was seen discussing with Puneet that this way Praneet will never again do a bad job with his chores.

RECAP, DAY 33_10
For the 7 hosuemates nominated, an Oppo task was given in which they had to find the corrrectly spelled ‘Phone call’ pamphlet from the bottom of the swimming pool. Pritam won this round and got a chance to talk to his wife on phone.

RECAP, DAY 33_11
Gautam and Sonali spotted having a hush-hush discussion and that too in code language. We’re nobody to guess but did Sonali say the four-letter word to Gautam? What do you think?

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RECAP, DAY 33_12
Puneet and Pritam tried to push Gautam to accept his relationship with Sonali without any hesitation but Gautam commented that he doesn’t want to get involved on a serious level and asked Pritam to stop setting him up with her. Hmm, that’s sad to hear. Do you think they make a beautiful pair? Tell us in the comments below!

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