Ali Becomes Captain Again On Bigg Boss 8, Punishes Praneet First!

Ali Becomes Captain Again On Bigg Boss 8, Punishes Praneet First!

Ali Quli Mirza becomes captain again by winning the task set on Bigg Boss 8. Bigg Boss announced that the contestants will have to fight at a task to win the captaincy this time. Ali wins and the first thing he did was to punish Praneet Bhatt!

Bigg Boss 8’s first wildcard entry, Ali, was granted the captaincy the moment he entered the Bigg Boss house the first time but this time he has managed to win fair and square by competing against others.
The task was for the contestants to walk a difficult path over a rope while water is sprayed ruthlessly over them and manage to grab the flags suspended above them and who ever get the captain flag in the end wins the task to become the captain. Ali beat everyone at the task to win the flag.

It was a nightmare of the contestants to live under Ali’s captaincy and they had just heaved a sigh of relief when he finished his turn. But looks like their happiness was short lived since Ali has managed to become the captain yet again.

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Also, the first thing Ali was asked to do after becoming the captain was to pick one contestant who he thinks deserves to be punished. Ali picked Praneet Bhatt, who was made to wash dirty dishes as a punishment.

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