After Bigg Boss 9, Salman Khan to start his own farmville!

All of you might have played farmville on Facebook. A few years back, it was our biggest obsession. Many who have never seen a farm or a farmer for that matter became a proud one in the virtual world. From planting seeds to rearing a plant, we have all done it.

But if Salman Khan has his way, celebrities might find themselves doing the same in real world. The actor, who loves farming and even does so in his farmhouse, has apparently conceptualised a new reality show based on this, titled Farm!

Yes, you are reading it correctly. Rumours suggest that Salman is in talks with Colors to make this concept a reality. It will be like Bigg Boss where celebrities will work in a farm for 4 months and take part in all kinds of activities related to it like sowing seeds, milking a cow, ploughing and others.

They will be guided in the process by a farmer. And guess what? It’s not an original idea at all. It is based on a British reality show by the same name which had a similar concept. The celebrities will work in the farm. Based on audience votes, they will get evicted one by one with the help of a telephone until they get the winner who will be awarded the Top Farmer title.

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Well, it definitely sounds fun because it’s not easy to be a farmer who is responsible for providing us with food items.

Author: Bigg Boss

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