Aarya Babbar or Minissha Lamba: Who wanted to fake a romance on Bigg Boss?


While Minissha says Aarya had approached her to stage a romance on the show before entering the house, Aarya says it was her suggestion. We spoke to both their families and here’s what Aarya’s sister, Juhi and Minissha’s mother, Manju, had to say about the controversy.

Of late, all eyes have been on Minissha Lamba and Aarya Babbar on Bigg Boss 8. The two have accused each other of having made the suggestion of faking a romance on the show to grab maximum eyeballs. While Minissha confided in Deepshikha Nagpal on the show recently that Aarya had approached her with the idea, Aarya told friend Karishma Tanna that it was Minissha’s suggestion.

As the ‘plot’ thickens, we got in touch with their families to find out the real story. Aarya’s sister, Juhi Babbar, said, “I had a laugh when I saw the episode where Minissha confided in Deepshikha. I felt that she was trying to project herself as a righteous person. Aarya and Minissha know each other from the time they worked together on Heer And Hero last year. Had Aarya approached her with such a request and Minissha declining it downright, it would really be foolish of him to stand by her on the show. Before the show, he had even spoken to Minissha and her family on the phone. He promised them that he would take care of her and never nominate her. He was shooting a project and was in Mumbai for just two days before he left for the house. Where would he find the time to meet Minissha and make these plans?” Ask her if the two have a history and she replies, “There could’ve been something between them during the course of the movie, but I don’t know the details. Aarya was shocked when Minissha called him ‘thali ka baingan’ during a task. Someone who has promised that he will stand by you, under any circumstances, is bound to react that way.” As an afterthought, Juhi adds, “I think Aarya is too decent on the show. He comes from a film family and has an image to live up to. He can’t shout or yell like others, who have nothing to lose.”

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On the other hand, Minissha’s mother, Manju Lamba, gave us a crisp reply, “It’s a small issue that’s being blown out of proportion in the media. It is weird of Aarya to create such hype. If Minissha was the one who approached him, then why would she go on national television and talk about the same? They both are, in fact, going to do a Punjabi film together in the near future.”

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