5 ways that will surely get you the ticket to Bigg Boss Grand Finale just like Gautam Gulati and Karishma Tanna!

Shocking: Enemies become friends in the finale week

Call it Bigg Boss 8 or Bigg Boss Halla Bol, the eighth season of this controversial reality show is all set to hit the climax tonight. The top five contestants making it to the grand finale are Karishma Tanna, Gautam Gulati, Dimpy Ganguly, Ali Quli Mirza and Pritam Singh. But while they come close to winning it, we take you through the unseen strategies that have made them the finalists tonight.

Make love, take love

This one’s the easiest of all. All you need to do is: Find a sexy hunk/babe in the house, seek his/her attention, get naughty, get bitchy, get lovie, get smoochy and there you are- Straight to the Finale! What? we aren’t making this up! Haven’t you seen the pattern evolving? Last season had two love flames Gauahar Khan-Kushal Tandon and Armaan Kohli- Tanishaa Mukerji getting hooked.

Out of which, Tanishaa and Gauahar both of them made it to the top 2 finalists with Gauahar winning the Bigg Boss 7 title. Similar is the case with Bigg Boss 8. Karishma Tanna is intimately linked with Upen Patel and so did Gautam Gulati have his share of ‘washroom’ romance with Diandra Soares. Result? The two are among the strong finalists. So you know, it’s as simple as that!

Fight to abuse

Then there’s this another side to it where you fight like dogs or cats but definitely not like humans. Ali Quli Mirza is a hot example to this subject from the current lot. His fight with Ajaz Khan, his fight with Dimpy Ganguly, his fight with Upen Patel and his fight with Gautam Gulati, he spared none and there he is- making it to the Finale. Loud abuses and slaps is all that has brought him here which is probably considered as ‘entertainment.’

Cry Cry till you succeed

Dimpy Ganguly explains this emotional slot to its ultimate. There’s nothing that has gone without her tears. If she has cried during her fights with Ali, Pritam, Sambhavna or Karishma, she has also made her tears drop worse while hugging her estranged husband Rahul Mahajan. This sympathy seeking has grown over all the episodes and having mastered it, she’s a finalist! Mission accomplished!

Not always a celebrity

Bigg Boss as a reality show is knowing for roping in celebrity contestants who are either controversial or someone who is dramatically entertaining and worth the TRP. But amidst them, a few seasons have also seen some contestants who are not a celebrity but still make it to the finale! Roadie fame Ashutosh Kaushik from season 2 set this winning thread and in the current season we have RJ Pritam making it to the Top 5 finalists. So well, who says that only a known actor/actress can become a winner? Go for it Pritam!

Controversy, Controversy, Controversy

This accounts to everyone including Gautam, Karishma, Pritam, Dimpy and Ali. Each of them is high on controversy be it with their love triangle or an abusive fight or a bad past or anything that hits the limelight. Karishma’s make-up controversy and her romance with Upen became a heated controversy. Ali is all over the season with his fights with anyone and everyone.

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Gautam had his smoochy romance with Diandra followed by his love-hate brawl with Sonali Raut, Karishma Tanna and the latest being Pritam Singh. Pritam on the other hand has turned foe to Gautam and previously he had also split up with the P3G gang that had Puneet Issar. And Dimpy towards the end steals the show with her abusively ridiculous fight with Sambhavna Seth. So in totality, all the Top 5 finalists tried all different angles and well, they have their ticket to finale…!

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