5 times when Pritam ‘Killed it!’ with his Politics!

5 times when Pritam 'Killed it!' with his Politics

He have tried to steer clear of all the controversies in the house, untill now, when Karishma, Dimpy and Gautam brought it to light how smart a player Pritam was! Here are 5 times when he totally Killed It! with his Politics.

When he tried to project that Dimpy was a reason for the split of the P3G group by infuriating her while the Hijack task, while she just poked him.

When he encouraged Karishma to say personal things to Rahul Mahajan during the call centre task and later on the weekend ki class, he called Karishma selfish and that she plays dirty politics.

He was the one to make plans with Ali to provoke Gautam for the Torture Cage task in order to win 25 lakh.

Later when Gautam questioned him, he saved him from nominations to prove his friendship!

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After Gautam’s breakdown, while he went up to console him, on the other hand he went inside and told housemates that he was overreacting as Ali does this to everyone!

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