5 Times When Dimpy ‘Killed It!’ With Her Intelligence

5 Times When Dimpy 'Killed It!' With Her Intelligence_1
The Famous flying kiss of Dimpy was the most irritating thing to the person who was furious at her. But Dimpy sure did how, when and where to give away the Evil flying kiss and moreover to whom.

5 Times When Dimpy 'Killed It!' With Her Intelligence_2
Dimpy had a master plan set form the begining and it seemed liked it won’t work since Rahul Mahajan entered the house but, Dimpy had a Plan B which was shicking when she nominated Rahul.

5 Times When Dimpy 'Killed It!' With Her Intelligence_5

The Abla Naari who always supplied unlimited tears and always sulked on things happening around her but now we know that was all part of her master plan.

5 Times When Dimpy 'Killed It!' With Her Intelligence_4
She was victorious in winning Gautam’s confidence by letting her captaincy go to Gautam. but, that was a master plan to break the famous and strong P3G. Mastermind Dimpy!

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5 Times When Dimpy 'Killed It!' With Her Intelligence_3
Victory it is for Dimpy’s game plan and her intelligence as she did make it throught to the fabulous five even when she was a wild card entry just like many others.

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