5 Reasons why Ali could win Bigg Boss this season!

5 Reasons why Ali could win Bigg Boss this season

Total entertainer! – Bigg Boss-Halla Bol would have been incomplete if there wasn’t someone like Ali Quli Mirza in the house. Even though he was the most irritating housemate initially, right from the day he enetered, people couldn’t stand his songs that sounded too annoying but he kept trying hard to mingle around with everyone all the time. Gradually, not only did the housemates but the viewers started enjoying his nautanki.

He is the only contestant whose overused phrases have become quite famous amongst the audience. His one liners that have gone viral are – Sunoooo (denoting Dimpy), Humne Kya kiya hai, manhoos, Sitafal and (his love in the house) ‘Chussu’. No regular viewer would deny that these phrases still make them laugh. Ali is the only one in the house who left alone can entertain the audience with his funny monologues without letting you feel bored.

Extremely Sporting! – If you have noticed, Ali quli Mirza has been the sole entity in the house, who has taken maximum jokes on himself that too sportingly. Without taking those otherwise. There have been instances wherein sub-consciously inmates have mocked at him telling things which could make anybody easily lose his or her temper but Ali has always laughed it off! Rather, has joined in the fun. Whatte spirit I say!

Biggest Double Dholki – It was the longest season ever in the history of Bigg Boss. After observing Ali for more than three months it got confirmed that he played his game by drawing internal information from one person and transferring to the other with added mirch-masala! Maximum fights happened in the house because of Ali who leaked information from person to person.

But the best part is, he has always been strong enough to accept that whenever he was caught. Saying “Yes, that is my game” he did bickering most of the times. Yet, at the end of the day he somehow managed to be friends with the same people again! What an art! Ain’t it?

Most serious contestant when it comes to game! – Looks can be deceptive! After all the comedy, singing and imitations he does all the time, Ali plays the most serious game of all.Whenever a task happens, Ali gives just everything to it. He puts in all his energy and efforts to win the game and that moment it is just about the task and nothing else. He knows no moment of rest till the task is on. Never say die attitude is one of his important traits and one will hardly find him joking or taking things lightly when the game is on!

Self declared winner and a fighter! – There have been several instances when the housemates have cornered him. Nobody spoke to him. He has taken the shame of being slapped on national television but still remained unwavered. Season’s one of the famous highlights was any contestant climbing rooftop to abscond and that nobody else dared but Ali. He was one person, who removed a strong contender as Ajaz from his way when sensed him as a threat gaining sympathy for himself in return. Who else could do that?

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Last but not the least, Ali is the only contender who ever since entered the house called himself the winner of the season even when everyone else joked about him.There was no hesitation ever on his face while he said that! Tell me, isn’t that enough that he deserves to be the winner?

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